Construction. Installation. Maintenance.

Peak Power Services provides repair and maintenance services for new or existing towers. Maintenance such as Strobe Repair, Plumb and Tension Guy Wire change outs, Microwave Path Alignment, Line Testing and Change Out are just some of the services that we provide.

All crews have been certified by our “in-house” Com Train Certified Trainer. These teams are capable of any tower maintenance task. Each crew leader has at least 10 years experience in tower work. Two supervisors lead these crews and have a combined 25 years of tower experience.

  • Tower lighting maintenance and complete lighting system replacements.
  • Grounding
  • Safety climb installations
  • Tower inspections
  • Tower cleaning and painting
  • Complete tower upgrades
  • Carrier New site builds
  • Rust repairs
  • Certified in house test gear Pimp testing
  • Line sweeping
  • Fiber testing