About Us

Peak is a full service provider for all aspects of the Telecommunications and Cellular industry. Founded in 2005 by Chris Antinori and David Retherford, Peak is also a provider of total AC/DC power conversion and storage. From a single component to an entire system, Peak’s full range of services cover feasibility, design, implementation, installation, commissioning, maintenance and even 24/7/365 repair services for telecommunications network power, switchgear power, and utilities.

Maintaining true to their core mantra, Peak Power and its employees still believe in surpassing its customers’ expectation from the beginning concept stages through end of life replacement. Combined with specialized experience and a commitment to quality, Peak Power stand apart from the competition. Its staff consists of highly trained design engineers, project managers, electrical engineers, asset managers, construction engineers, field technicians, and product & technology specialists.

Peak’s services include Telecommunication, Construction, Engineering, Tower Installation & Maintenance, Disaster Recovery, and Field Support. Projects range from small UPS installations up to ten thousand amp DC Power Plant replacements in a central office environment. Peak has completed critical DC Power transitions at the highest level of quality and accuracy possible, and can manage any battery application in the industry. Additionally, Peak is the exclusive C&D Technologies Telecom Representative in the state of Florida.

Additional telecom industry services include:

  • Tower Maintenance
  • Generator Installation & Service
  • DC Load Distribution
  • Power Plant Monitoring
  • Battery Load Testing