DC Power

Engineering. Installation. Maintenance.

At Peak, we know DC power systems. We engineer, install and service them.

From cellular base stations to Central Offices, Peak installs complete telecommunications DC power systems from start to finish. Prior to installation, we can provide power systems engineering to optimize the right product for your application.

Whatever your system requires – 24V and 48V plants, rectifiers, converters, distribution, alarms – Peak has the expertise and resources to handle it. Peak will also install any ancillary equipment needed to complete your system, including racking, cables, ladders or other hardware.

  • 24v and 48v Plants, Rectifiers, Converters, Distribution, and Alarming
  • DC Power Design, Installation, and Augments
  • Fiber Guide Installation
  • Cable Rack Installation
  • Racking and Stacking
  • Infrared Thermography


Peak battery installation services begin with a thorough review of your site and your requirements. We uninstall existing racks and batteries and dispose of spent batteries in accordance with state and EPA regulations. Peak will also provide you with battery death certificates once the recycle is complete.